While we're all trying to stay healthy and safe at home amidst the new coronavirus outbreak, many are finding themselves with extra time on their hands. And if you're looking for an activity that might add a little color and brightness to your day, gardening might just be the perfect pick.

Not only is gardening a soothing hobby, it's also a great way to get some fresh air and bring the whole family together. And this season, we've gathered some tips to help you get started.

Since heading out to purchase plants and gardening supplies isn't an option at this time, having the essentials delivered right to your doorstep is the next best thing.

So whether you need a little inspiration on which plants to add to your garden or how to keep your soil extra healthy, here are some useful tips to help you jumpstart a thriving garden this spring.

1. Pick Your Plants

There are so many different options when it comes to picking your petals, seeds and bulbs. Make sure to do your research and learn what plants will thrive in your garden depending on the seasons, climate and hardiness zones. Plan out your garden with these blooming picks, and .

Create a colorful garden of wildflowers with that offer a lavish selection of 23 annual and perennial wildflowers. They'll attract hummingbirds, bumblebees, ladybugs and other beneficial pollinators all summer long. They're also super easy to plant and fast-growing.

is known for its cone-like clusters of light green flowers and their lovely aroma. They can be grown in a vast majority of the United States and have a tolerance to heat and mild drought. Blooming in early to mid-summer and lasting through the fall, they will add a unique color to your landscape with the ever-changing foliage and flower hues.

with a fragrant white blossoms is a charming addition to your garden. They'll bloom from mid-spring through late summer, and they're easy to bring indoors when the temperature begins to drop.

2020欧洲杯赛事There's nothing like adding some to your cooking. And these tiny plants with strong aromas and flavorful leaves will help you eat what you grow. These herbs, perfect for Italian and Mediterranean cooking, are a staple for any kitchen garden or landscape.

2. Prep Your Soil

Starting with great soil is essential to a healthy garden. But there's also ways to keep your soil growing and thriving — such as using supplies and high quality nutrition like fertilizer and plant food.

2020欧洲杯赛事From to , there a for every type of plant. The fast acting fertilizer creates an abundant harvest, while also helping your garden resist disease, insects, drought and other unfavorable conditions within a growing season.

Nourish above and below the soil by using for roses and blooms. The natural ingredients and nutrients help your plants grow strong and vibrant, promoting more blooms and spectacular colors. It also comes in , and more.

3. Make Your Beds

2020欧洲杯赛事Keep your garden safe, secure and easily accessible with raised beds, planters and pots that will ensure a gorgeous garden and give your plants the nourishment and care they need throughout the seasons. Check out .

Perfect for those who struggle to bend down or don't want to lean over while gardening, is super easy to move around and also allows you to move your plants into sun and shade. Plus, it will help prevent weeds and pests from interfering with plant growth. It also comes with a built-in storage shelf for your favorite garden accessories.

Create a bountiful garden the simple way with the help of that will secure your garden. Add soil and plants or seeds, and begin growing the garden of your dreams.

These flower pots will add a touch of style, to your garden, front porch, patio or even indoors. Built to withstand intense sun and harsh winter temperatures, are an ideal way to enjoy your favorite plants and flowers, while creating a healthy living environment for them.

4. Create A Workstation

2020欧洲杯赛事If you're serious about your gardening efforts, you'll need a dedication workstation to keep and organize all your essentials and accessories. And we've found .

This sturdy structure is made of 100 percent fir wood and is known for its natural resistance to rot and pests. The large tabletop covered with galvanized metal sheet provides the perfect place to gather, display and organize gardening essentials, or just offer a crafty work space. It also comes with a drawer under the tabletop, a slatted shelf and the roomy cabinet to satisfy your various storage needs.

5. Stock Up On Gardening Tools

2020欧洲杯赛事From shovels and trowels to watering cans and gardening labels, we've gathered all the accessories to make creating your garden a total breeze.

This set of gardening tools is a total-must have, and will make gardening easy and convenient. The kit includes a trowel shovel, rake hoe, weeder, spade, cultivator, pruning shears, watering spray bottle, and a pair of protective gloves — all held in a multi-compartment gardening tote.

Label your garden with these bamboo plant markets that are thick and sturdy. They're eco-friendly and are a stylish addition to help organize your garden.

combines a steel body with copper accents on both handles. Its construction is long-lasting and resistant to rust, while its striking design will help shower your seedlings effectively.

6. Dress The Part

Since you're most likely going to get down and dirty while gardening, you'll need to dress for the occasion. And from that will protect you from the sun, you'll love these styles that will make you look like the true gardener you are.

is not only super cute and stylish, it will also protect you from the sun while you're outside gardening. The open top design offers great ventilation and also allows you to wear your hair tied up while wearing the hat.

These short rain boots are also great for gardening. will stay dry, and will be easy to clean stuck-on dirt and soil. Plus, they have plenty of cushion and are comfortable.

2020欧洲杯赛事Protect your hands from thorns, pricks and dirt with . They're long enough to protect your arms, and will allow you relax and stay safe in your garden.

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