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Hours after the nation's death toll from the new coronavirus passed 1,000, the U.S. Senate approved the largest relief legislation in the country's history, a package of nearly $2 trillion to help American workers and businesses.

2020欧洲杯赛事A last-minute dispute over unemployment insurance threatened to scuttle the legislation but the Senate voted to pass it shortly before midnight Wednesday. Several senators were absent because of the virus.

Four Republican senators had earlier objected to the bill because, they said, it would provide , could lead to layoffs and incentivize workers to collect unemployment payments rather than take a job.

The package is intended to prop up the U.S. economy, help American households and bolster the health care system amid the growing coronavirus crisis.

The package is intended to prop up the U.S. economy, help American households and bolster the health care system amid the growing coronavirus crisis.

2020欧洲杯赛事Patch put together five things to know about the aid package, if approved by both the Senate and House, and what it could mean for you.

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2020欧洲杯赛事Meanwhile, the Times reported, Federal Emergency Management Agency confirmed that New York State has asked the federal government to build emergency morgues as the number of confirmed cases in the state reached more than 30,000. North Carolina and Hawaii also submitted requests for the additional morgue space.

2020欧洲杯赛事"These requests are currently in the review and approval process," said FEMA spokeswoman Lizzie Litzow.

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Wednesday, more than 65,000 confirmed cases and more than 940 deaths were recorded in the United States, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Numbers: Latest U.S. Confirmed Cases And Deaths

There's Good News Across America About Coronavirus: It's You


Livestream: Senate Vote On Coronavirus Aid

The White House and the Senate reached a deal on the massive economic aid package in the early hours of Wednesday. The Senate is expected to reconvene at noo ET.

U.S. Jobless Claims Predicted To Skyrocket

2020欧洲杯赛事Figures to be released Thursday are expected to shatter the old record for the greatest number of new claims filed in a single week.

Stay-At-Home Order Issued In Colorado

"We're issuing a stay-at-home order to save lives ... we're talking about thousands of lives, perhaps tens of thousands," Gov. Jared Polis said.

'Stay At Home' Order Issued For Minnesota

2020欧洲杯赛事The "stay at home" order takes effect in Minnesota Friday night. The measure aims to slow the spread of the new coronavirus.

Seniors Singing 'You Are My Sunshine' Will Melt Your Heart

2020欧洲杯赛事The coronavirus shutdown didn't keep these Illinois seniors from singing their hearts out.

How Long Island Mom Wants To Help Fellow 'Survivors'

2020欧洲杯赛事For more than two weeks, Diana Berrent has remained isolated from her family as she battles the coronavirus. Now she wants to help others.

New Jersey Twins Get Birthday Parade

The 5-year-olds were supposed to celebrate with school friends and a Disney trip. Their mom's best friend made sure they had a special day.

CO Doctor Posts Coronavirus Warning: 'This Isn't Another Flu'

2020欧洲杯赛事"Over 100 hours into my shift, I have firsthand experiences with this virus, and it's as bad as you can imagine," a Colorado doctor said.

NYC Chef Floyd Cardoz Dies From Coronavirus

The acclaimed Indian chef behind SoHo's Bombay Bread Bar, Tabla in Union Square and Meyer's North End Grill died this week, Eater reports.

GA Hospital Employee Dies; Found In Home With Child

Coweta County Coroner Richard Hawk told a local TV station the woman was found dead in her home within the county, while her young child was found alive in the residence.

If Parents Don't Abide Coronavirus Orders, Guilt-Trips To Continue

KONKOL COLUMN: Whether you like it or not, keep calling your guilt-resistant parents who continue to defy stay-at-home orders every day.

Obey Stay-At-Home Order Or Else: Chicago Mayor

Chicago Police will start issuing $500 tickets and arresting stay-at-home order scofflaws "because we must," top cop Charlie Beck said.

What Prince Charles Positive For Coronavirus Tells Us

There's something to be learned from the prince's diagnosis.

Helping Out During Coronavirus: How To Make Masks

Making face masks is one way everybody can help during the coronavirus crisis. Here's how to do it.

Crisis Moves Mental Health Counseling Online

The longer Americans are holed up at home, the greater the toll on their mental health, say experts who are moving their practices online.

Pennsylvania Passes Bill To Postpone Primary Election

A bill to postpone the 2020 Pennsylvania primary election to June due to the coronavirus outbreak has been passed. It now goes to Gov. Wolf.

NYC: What's Happened And What You Need To Know

The breakneck pace of action to tackle the new coronavirus — officially known as COVID-19 — has left New York City almost unrecognizable.

NBA Star: Mother In Coma Due To Coronavirus

In an emotional video, NBA star Karl-Anthony Towns, a NJ native, says his mother is in a coma after weeks of suffering from the coronavirus.

Texas Inmates To Be Released Amid Illness Spread

In what the district attorney called a 'historic agreement,' some low-level felony offenders will be released immediately amid COVID-19.


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