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Once again donovans reef has acted carelessly which endangers the state more. The line outside was filled with unmasked twenty somethings. Our citizens have been paying the price trying to combat the covid. And it is a slap in the face to me for such ignorane they show to make their pickets full. Well i was hit economically trying to combat the covid. Now monmouth county rates will undoubtedly because of such ignorance of people who dont care. Well i am doing my best not to catch it. I hope that bar gets shut down

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Any recommendations for a heating contractor ??
I want to replace my furnace next month and would like to get a few estimates.. dont want to go with the big company's.

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2020欧洲杯赛事Was there a fire in Middletown yesterday (Friday) afternoon? From our high rise building in Red Bank we saw an enormous black smoke cloud billowing over the tree line accross the river... It appeared to be on the northbound side of 35. Roughly in the vicinity of Chapel Hill area.

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So where have our Police been? These out of town law breaking nuts are all over the road.They never signal, tailgate,beep their little horns constantly, are always in a rush,abusive to store personnel.They
always feel they are too good to wait in line,and just not abiding by the road rules we New Jersey residents follow. Our Police were always on the road and ticketing this garbage from out of state. We were once known for our toughness and don't step out of line way.Have our Police in Middletown gotten soft? We always appreciate you,please get on these very un ruly people.

A family in Highlands has lost everything in a fire when the power came back on, including one of their cats :-( If you can help this family with a donation it's much appreciated.

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Managing Stress in an Era of Uncertainty

YMCA Hosts Virtual Chat with Education & Mental Health Professional Alisha De Lorenzo of Middletown

Managing Stress in an Era of Uncertainty
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2020欧洲杯赛事Does anyone know good painters I can hire for a couple of rooms?

Storm damage repairs roof shingles,siding , clean ups , branch removal home repairs just give me a call thanks Chris 732 213 7679